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Rescue Training 
S-2 Officer
359th Signal Brigade (USAR)
Ft. Gordon, GA


Here is Karma on the Glide being moved by the firefighters out of danger to an equine ambulance.

This is an abused horse rescued out of mud, moved 1000 feet down a mountain in Pickens SC, then loaded in the ambulance. 

Palmetto Equine Awareness & Rescue League

"Ben, we purchased a Large Animal Rescue Glide from you several years ago and I would like to put another one in our budget. We have used ours many times in rescues, not only for horses, but also cows and an extremely large human! Thanks!"
Sandy Mayberry
Winston-Salem Rescue Squad
Animal Response Team

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This is a trained, live demonstration horse who is laid down, sedated slightly, and strapped to the glide by students in our course.  Her name is Angel.


"A cow fell down a ravine and we brought her out. Our vet on-scene was Dr. Pete Sathre from Plateau Veterinary Services. He was amazing -- calm, caring, and ready with the sedative. What's more -- he didn't start out the day planning on darting and hoisting a cow."

Michaela Eaves, PIO

Washington State Animal Response Team

Here's a link to a short video showing a small part of the rescue: