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To encourage disaster preparedness nationwide, the Department of Homeland Security is making grant funds available at the state level, but mainly at the county level for the development of county emergency response teams. Grant proposals cannot be submitted by private individuals. They have to be submitted by the County Emergency Management or Emergency Preparedness Division. 
With gathering momentum, people interested in the Rescue Glide (through known experts who are involved in actual rescue, and/or professional training courses, or through other means such as magazine articles, seminars, and trade shows) are getting involved with County Administrators in writing these grants, and have been able to include Large Animal Rescue Glide Equipment in them.
Different counties in different states are handling this in very different ways. Some have a lot of flexibility in what they ask for and others do not. Our glide can easily pay for itself in only ONE rescue operation due to the amount of time that will be saved during that operation.  That time saved can mean the difference between life or death!

Thanks to John Haven, Director of College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida for sharing this great tip!

Maneuvering the Glide Over Sharp Edges

The connector on a steep incline is impossible to pull over a relatively sharp edge.  You’ll break the rope before you get a horse over the turn.  By gaining a pull point further down, once the main pull point hits horizontal with the ground, we actually slack the primary haul rope, and begin hauling with the system (essentially a load equalizing bridle through the handles). We can then continue to raise the glide to a point where, once the load equalizing bridle is no longer able to continue to raise the glide because it is even with the ground, we can now resume hauling with the initial rope, and it comes right over because the glide came up high enough to have a pivot point.