1 – 16' Red Line Rescue Grade Nylon Rope

1 – Rescue Grade Heavy Duty Pulley For Nylon Rope

1-  8' X 4' Assisting Glide

  • The Primary Glide is made with steel brackets and  recessed bolts for a smooth surface on both the top and bottom.
  • Side and top slots aid in transporting and wrapping animal.
  •  Corrosion resistance
  • Assisting Glide can be used in tandem with the Primary Glide or ramp.

2 – Fleece Pads For Ratchet Strap Comfort

Upgrade Options

Standard Glide Package

1 – 9'X 4' Primary Glide with 
      Steel Pull Brackets

1 – High Strength Nylon / Velcro Head Strap

2 – 2” Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps

J Hook for Glide Slip

Using and Transporting Glide Slip

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2 – Nylon Hobbles

​Glide Slip

Mechanical connectors

Provided upon request.  Theyenable the Primary and Assisting Glides to be joined for use with larger animals.

3 – Rescue Grade Heavy Duty Carabiners