We have been in the plastics fabrication business for over 30 years and have owned/worked with horses for over 20 years. We also have extensive experience with every type of plastic manufactured. This experience, along with guidance from clients, has enabled us to come up with not only the right materials but, more importantly, the right way to fabricate a glide that will withstand excessive loads and safely transport large animals.​

We want our customers satisfied and our animals are safe. 

If you have any suggestions or special needs, please e-mail or call us.

All glides are custom made-to-order in Inman, South Carolina. 


Our glides have proven to be most reliable, able to withstand the excessive loads that are placed on them.  They have been used to pull large animals up mountains, through valleys, across muddy fields, and across cement floors. We are happy to say that to this date not one of our glides has failed.


L.A.R.G.E. is a manufacturer of high quality custom rescue glides.

From the smallest to the largest animals, we will custom fit your glide to your specific needs.