Large  Animal Rescue Glide Equipment

Specifications and Pricing

Large Animal Rescue Glide Equipment

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•   Freight is FOB our dock (USA Zip code 29601)

•   We will need your zip code to get a quote from Shipping Co. so we can give you an 
    exact dollar amount.

•   Lead times are normally 4 to 6 weeks after receipt of payment

•   We'll call and keep you up to date on shipment and call the day of the shipment

•   If shipment is to a residence, freight companies normally charge an additional 
    $60.00 (USA)

•   International Shipments will be Quoted on an Individual Basis.


•   Pricing for the Primary Glide W/accessories is $1495.00 (USD)

•   The 8 Ft. Assisting Glide with purchase of Primary Glide is $345.00 (USD)  

•   Total price for the Glide Kit is $1840.00 + Freight (USD)

•   The Assisting Glide is available as a stand-alone product for $595.00 (USD)

•   We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We also accept personal checks. 
    Payment must be received before work can begin. References will be provided if 
    required. Payment is necessary in advance due to the custom nature of our product.

•   Freight will be added to your order to get your total for payment.

We are constantly trying to meet our customers needs and will be adding to our product line in the future. If you have any suggestions or special needs, please
e-mail us. Include any questions you may have and we will reply!

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